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The sophisticated Coloring Book for You

I always wanted to have a Zoo. So, being a director for theater, an author and set designer, in 2016 I embraced the chance, creating a set design for one of my shows, which harbored a bunch of wild animals: Lions, elephants, turtles, snails, zebus, snakes and grasshopper inhabited the onstage forest and it was just lovely. The audience opened their hearts to my fantastic creatures and wanted to take them home, so I decided to fulfill their wishes and put myself to work at the ANIMALTORIUM.


Now, theater artists are used to work on a project and so I know: Being creative makes you happy, however, a completed creative project is highly satisfying, because one can share it with other people. Since I strongly believe that everyone is an artist, the ANIMALTORIUM trusts you to achieve brilliant results when occupying yourself with it. Besides, the animals in it will have a say in how they want to be colored - they told me, too.


Thus, my dear Mr. Lion refused to have his face colored in yellow after I painted his mane in gold. He roared: "Yellow is too much for me!" After that he waited patiently for a whole week until I would come up with something more original and now he sits there, happy and proud in his blue green jungle and his amber-colored eyes shine out of his anthracite face. As you see: You don't just color animals, but you are helping them, to find their colors and this can become an exciting, inspiring journey. 


So, why don‘t you join the ANIMALTORIUM Community!

If you have any questions, just contact me. I will try my best to help.

And if you have fallen in love with one of my presentation models and want to purchase just that unique copy, or you would like to commission one of the animals in your favorite colors, I will be happy to make your dreams come true. For more information click the FAQ button.

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